TICO Launches New Consumer Campaign Promoting Agent Benefits

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Ontario’s travel industry regulator TICO is launching a new consumer awareness campaign today, with a message urging consumers to book their travel with TICO-registered travel agencies and websites to avoid disappointment when travelling.

TICO says the campaign is in line with its mandate of consumer protection, education and awareness, and the message comes as a result of consultation with front-line agents.

"As Ontario's Travel Regulator, we aim to establish consumer trust and confidence that TICO registered travel agencies and websites are knowledgeable and operate with professionalism and integrity," says Dorian Werda, Vice President, Operations, TICO.

"Front line travel agents asked us to try to depict what can happen when a consumer doesn't use a registered travel agent to book travel. We listened... that's just what this campaign does. When consumers are booking travel, we want them to 'Look for the TICO logo' for peace of mind."

Using commonly seen travel symbols, TICO's new TV ad uses graphics to demonstrate how a family's trip can be affected by a common travel oversight – an expired passport. It encourages consumers to look for the TICO logo to ensure they will get all the information they need for their trip. The tagline is: “For all the information you don’t know you don’t know.”

The campaign will utilize TV and online channels to reach consumers across Ontario.

TICO is advising travel agents and travel wholesalers to ensure their businesses are ready to leverage the campaign’s exposure by having the TICO logo on all contact points, including website, ads, invoices, business cards and brochures. You can access TICO logos and other marketing materials here and you can view the new commercial spot here.

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