Celebrating Travel Industry Couples – Dianne & Doug Revell

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by Martha Chapman

Dianne and Doug Revell

Since their 1st high school dance, they’ve been making great music together. Meet Dianne and Doug Revell of Uniglobe Specialty Travel in Vancouver.

It’s not too often you encounter a couple who met as teens and who are still together almost 55 years later. But when the couple are Doug and Dianne Revell, it all makes sense.

“We met at a high school dance in Kingston,” recalls Dianne. “Back when there was a dance every Friday night with a live band. He was in grade 12 and I was in grade 11. We were sweethearts for 5 years, and married in 1969.”

So where do a groovy 60s couple go on their honeymoon? To Toronto of course, where they took in such attractions as the Sam the Record Man store, went dancing at Ronnie Hawkins’ night club and had dinner at Honest Ed’s Restaurant.

They went onto many years of pre-travel industry activity, with Doug working for Coca Cola across the country and Dianne being a stay-at-home mom to their children, who are now 39 and 42 years old and working along with their parents’ at Uniglobe Specialty Travel.

In 1995 the couple purchased a Uniglobe franchise. “I never thought I’d be working with Doug, but this is a wonderful company.  It’s worked for us because we get along so great,” says Dianne. Doug agrees, saying that in his opinion there’s no disadvantage to working together. “We both know what’s going on and it’s fun to build a business. You work towards the same goal and we share the success.” Adds Dianne: “Being friends 1st is a huge help – we can talk to each other.”

So far their most romantic getaway? They have warm memories of a Kenya glamping trip a couple of years ago, complete with candlelit dinner in front of their elegant tent and breakfast for 2 by the infinity pool. Their bucket list currently comprises South America and Iceland.

Obviously they are doing something right in the business: last year the couple were named Franchisees of the Year out of Uniglobe’s 700 locations.

Valentine’s Day this year may not be shaping up to be the most smoochy, as they’ll be babysitting grandchildren, but a romantic dinner in their favourite little resto a couple of days later is on the books. As Dianne puts it: “We may be oldies but we’re goodies – and we’re very lucky to have each other!”

Happy Valentine’s Day, Doug and Dianne!


Joseph frend - August 30, 2020 @ 00:30
Hello Doug. A Frend from your past with Coca Cola. I live n Victoria and was thinking about the good days we had at Coke. Hope life is treating you well. Give me a call someday 204 781.2200 and get reacquainted.

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