Forget Weddings: Destination Divorces Are The Future

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With the Canadian divorce rate nudging north of 40%, a business opportunity has presented itself to at least one travel agent. Shirley Laffen of Petite Blague, New Brunswick has started a business called Destination Divorce.

“Let’s face it, Canadian agents have got the destination wedding business sewn up,” says Laffen.  “Where I come in is with expertise for couples who want to avoid the heartache and expense of a Canadian divorce.”

Laffen works with destinations which require just 48 hr. residency and a payment as low as $500 to process divorce papers.  These include some uninhabited keys, or tiny islands in the Caribbean.  “It’s such fun to see the judges in their formal wigs and flapping black robes travelling by tender over to these islands, one hand keeping the wig on and the other trying to keep the couple apart,” she laughs. Other destinations include some of the more obscure central African nations – where polygamy – having multiple wives - is the order of the day, so another wedding or divorce here or there doesn’t really matter.

Just as with destination weddings, Laffen feels that the future is in packaged travel.  She’s working with resorts to develop signature cocktails such as the “Not if you were the last man on earth” and the “Since you ask, everything makes you look fat.” She’s even coordinating some divorce group travel,  offering discounts to members of the original wedding group, though she admits sometimes it’s difficult to find accommodation far enough apart for the 2 factions.

Next up? A branch office in the Yukon. Divorce rates there are a whopping 60%... which is music to Laffen’s ears. 

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