The Missing Link: Flights Added To Airbnb & Uber

Open Jaw

Perhaps it was only a matter of time: Ontario entrepreneur Joe King has announced he’s going to start up packages comprising accommodation with Airbnb, Uber ground transportation and flights with Acme Air Services Flying School.

“It’s all part of the sharing economy, with amateurs stepping up to the plate to provide services along with the licensed professionals,” says King. 

“You’ve got consumers happy to stay in accommodation where you don’t know if they’ve washed the sheets, then grabbing rides with drivers who’ve maybe been driving for only 2 weeks.  Why not add air to the mix?”

He adds that his unique service will also add a little adrenaline rush to the experience of taking a holiday. Having gone along for the ride with Acme students a few times, he can testify that it’s definitely not as boring and predictable as flying sked.

King has already decided on a slogan for the new service: “Affordable, fun, thrilling”.

His biggest challenge? Finding pax who want to fly the short distances that Acme students are allowed to fly. “Not everyone wants or needs to fly from Toronto Island Airport to Pearson, but  - as with everything in travel – we’re sure there’s a niche for that.”

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