April Fooling: Travel Companies Get Their Funny On

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With Donald Trump making ever-more outrageous comments every day and airline passengers continuing to find new and twisted ways of disrupting flights, it seems like every day is April Fool’s Day around here.

However, in scouring the web to assemble the news today, we did stumble on quite a few stories that appear to be more fool than fact.

Here’s a few of them:

WestJet Creates World’s First Hi-Tech Meal Dispenser
WestJet’s Research & Development team today announced an addition inflight service: R.A.L.F.H.– the Robotic Automated Light Food Handler. WS VP Richard Bartrem makes the video soar with his good looks and acting chops.

Virgin America Creates A New Logo
In a week when the airline is reported to be generating takeover interest from JetBlue, AS and possibly other suitors, Virgin America took the opportunity to present its now logo design, which appears to be an abstract version of a bum settling into a seat. But is it real or are they fooling?

Virgin Australia’s New Kids Class
Social media loved this one – and many really wanted to believe it. But no, Virgin Australia is not introducing a kids-only cabin with kickable seats, chewable safety cards and hopscotch in the aisles.

RCI Promises ‘Out Of This World’ Cruising On Orbiter Of The Galaxies
If it was Crystal making the announcement, we might believe this one.

Expedia.ca Adds Ginge-Air, 1st Airline For Redheads
No kickable seats on this one. But the gingers?

Branson Finds Treasure, To Take Holiday In Space
A billionaire finding treasure buried on his private island? It’s Richard Branson, so don’t rule it out. But the story about Branson heading off to the International Space Station for six months sounds spurious, as much as it would make Willie Walsh happy.

RCI To ‘Boaty McBoatface’ Guy: Name Our Ship Too
This has to be an April Fool’s joke right? This Boaty McBoatface thing has jumped the shark. Right?

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