Vast Majority Of Employees Satisfied With Biz Travel Experience

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New research from the GBTA Foundation released at GBTA Conference 2016 Toronto reveals that nearly 9 in 10 North American employees (88%) are satisfied with their business travel experiences.

The research, sponsored by American Express Global Business Travel, also examined the key drivers of business travel satisfaction. “Savvy travel managers understand that it’s not only about driving costs,” says Jacinthe Ladouceur, Vice President & General Manager of Global Business Travel, Canada. “Traveller satisfaction plays a very important role in sound travel program management because of the correlation to higher levels of productivity as well as policy compliance. 

In another interesting finding, 9 out of 10 employees report being satisfied with the amount they currently travel for work or would like to travel more often. Millennials are also more likely than older employees to want to travel more often for work.

Key Drivers for Biz Travel Satisfaction

From transportation options to booking behaviour, expense reporting practices to feeling supported by one’s company, employees reacted to dozens of travel-related factors for this survey.

3 factors emerged as key drivers and are comprised of the following elements:

  • #1 Key Drivers: The ability to electronically submit expense reports and receipts and feeling one’s company cares about traveller well-being and safety
  • Key Driver 2: Having expedited clearance for pre-approved travellers
  • Key Driver 3: Getting through airport security and flexibility to plan a business trip

“Understanding these drivers can help employers and travel buyers build policies into their travel programs to ensure their business travellers stay happy on the road. And, we know that happy employees tend to want to stay with their current company longer,” said Jeanne Liu, GBTA Foundation Vice President of Research.

The full report will be available later this year.


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