TPI Says Average Commission For Its Advisors Is On The Rise

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Travel Professionals International (TPI) says the average take home commission per advisor increased 18% in 2015. “We are thrilled to see that our advisors’ hard work is paying off with them putting more money in their pockets,” said Morris Chia, TPI President & CEO.

“There is unfortunately still a misconception that independent travel advisors do not make a decent living. That is categorically false as on an individual advisor basis taking home over $125,000+ annually is a very achievable goal as this represents only a portion of what many of our top travel advisors earn,” says Chia.

Results from the 2016 TPI Annual Advisor Survey revealed that the average length of travel industry experience across the TPI network is 12 years, which Chia says counters another misperception.

“All too often, those both inside the industry and outside the industry perceive our model to attract and retain more inexperienced travel advisors than industry veterans. The survey results clearly show that TPI advisors are in this business for the long term, whether they gained their travel industry experience with TPI or prior to joining TPI.”

When breaking down the experience of its travel advisors further, 50% of TPI travel advisors average 19 years of travel industry experience including 20% who average 27 years of travel industry experience under their belts.

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