Survey Reveals Top Causes Of Business Travellers’ Anxiety

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Previous surveys have shown that most business travellers are mostly happy to hit the road. They enjoy seeing new places, experiencing different cultures and the opportunity to sometimes add a couple of vacation days.

But a new survey from finds that alongside these opportunities, business travellers are experiencing angst and anxiety from elements of the business travel process.

The research surveyed over 4,500 business travellers across 8 countries. Findings highlight how although 38% generally feel positive about travelling for business, the biggest stressors for those travelling internationally stem from the logistics of the travel itself, with a staggering 93%  feeling stressed at some point on their journey.

The combination of pre-travel planning, accommodation booking, arranging transport, managing expenses and receipts and navigating the destination, combined with a lack of sleep, has the potential to leave business travellers weary and strained. And that’s all before the actual work begins.

Annoying Airports

The airport experience is the biggest pet peeve for those who travel on international business.

Delays and cancellations top the list of annoyances, with 47% of business travellers citing that factor. Jet lag (35%) and airport security lineups (34%) are also disliked by biz travellers.

Disorienting Destinations

Research shows that worries don't end at the airport, with 26% feeling anxious about language barriers when they reach their destination, and 20% feeling uneasy about being in unfamiliar surroundings and cultural norms and differences (17%).  

Lonely On The Road

While business travel can be exciting and full of opportunities, it can at times feel lonely, with many of those surveyed saying they miss family, friends and general home life (34%).

An unlucky 12% of business travellers have less than 5 hours of personal time each day of business travel – including sleep time.

On average, biz travellers spend 8.9 hours by themselves each day (including sleeping) when travelling internationally, and it's perhaps because of this that, contrary to conventional wisdom, many business travellers are open to sharing an accommodation with a colleague while travelling for business. 33% say they would share accommodation with a colleague if they were also a friend.

"While business travel has so many positives such as the opportunity to experience new cultures, broaden horizons and the chance to meet colleagues face-to-face, the logistics of business travel can get in the way, says Ripsy Bandourian, Director of Product Development, for Business.“Airport queues and delays, the accommodation at your destination lacking home comforts and lack of personal time can add a layer of unnecessary stress,” Bandourian added.

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