Father’s Day 2016 – Patrick & Gregory Luciani

Open Jaw
by Martha Chapman

Here’s another family with Italian roots that is making a significant imprint on the Canadian travel scene: Gregory Luciani and his papa, Patrick

“My father? Passionate. A true people person – and way ahead of his time.” How’s that for a great tribute? And one that Gregory Luciani, President & CEO of Travel Only and son of the company’s Chairman of the Board, gives with great pride.

Like many new arrivals from Italy, Patrick started off in a completely different field: as a hair stylist. But soon his love of travel had him working as a travel agent – eventually opening Luciani World Travel in Brantford to serve the Italian community.

“He did everything to help his customers, including helping them with their passport applications and taking the passport pictures,” recalls Gregory.

Gregory recalls growing up in a family where travel was #1 – discussed at breakfast and dinner. Before he was 10 they’d visited Disney over 10 times, and he also recalls memorable trips to Florida, Hawaii, Mexico and more. Plus annual trips to Patrick’s home town in Abruzzo, a tradition the family still keeps.

Gregory and his 2 sisters helped out in the agency, and he organized his 1st school group trip to Quebec City “disguised as a ski trip but really a party trip – dealing with all the issues with that group really taught me a lot but also  opened my eyes to the opportunities.”

After studying economics and computer science at the University of Windsor, Gregory rejoined the agency and with his Dad re-branded the company to TravelOnly, which today has 650 independent agents across the country.

“Today, my Dad’s role is as ambassador for the company. His relationship with suppliers is one that can’t be re-created.  

I oversee all the daily activities and drive the mission, but having him in my corner is critical to our success.  He’s still my boss!”

How will they celebrate Father’s Day this year? Not surprisingly, as a family, with lots of time for the 5 grandchildren. “He loves nothing more than spending time with his grandkids – and he deserves it!”

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