Canadian Biz Traveller Satisfaction At Bottom Of 8 Nation Poll

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Canadian business travellers are not happy.

At least, that is, not as happy as their travelling colleagues from 7 other nations.

The latest study of ‘Business Traveller Sentiment’ by the Global Business Travel Association and American Express found that business travellers in Mexico and the U.S. reported the highest overall satisfaction levels (109.7 and 105.6 respectively). The annual study examines biz travellers’ attitudes toward 7 key components of business-related travel. It looks at how they feel about their travel experiences and how those feelings affect their actual behaviours related to travel.

Corporate travellers from Australia and Germany tied for 3rd, at a composite rating of 102.2, while Canadian travellers rated their overall satisfaction at just under 90, the lowest in the 8 nation survey. Canada’s score of 89.6 marked a big drop from the year before, when it was 98.8. Why the big shift?

The drop could reflect business travellers’ attitudes toward Canadian companies’ slow adoption of new travel technologies, the GBTA speculated, such as the ability to submit expenses electronically. 53% of Canadian business travellers still submit hard copies of expense reports, compared to 45% of the overall reporting group.

In the overall results, most business travellers were upbeat about work trips with 73% satisfied with their overall business trip experience over the past 3 months, compared to 71% in 2015. American business travellers are so satisfied that 92% say “they would travel the same amount or more in the future.”

The latest research shows that more than 3/4 of road warriors say they are able to meet their goals on work trips. Those who feel dissatisfied or neutral about meeting their business goals report the following would help: improved Wi-Fi access (46%), clearer objectives (42%), more time with clients (40%) and a larger budget to extend the trip (37%).
When it comes to productivity, just over 1/2 of business travellers prefer to spend flights doing something other than work.

 The survey was conducted online in March and April, garnering responses from 3,500 business travellers in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, the U.K. and the U.S. Respondents had to have taken at least 4 business trips in the prior 12 months.  

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