Worldview Acquires ATL-Based Virtuoso Member

Open Jaw
Mike Dawson

Worldview Travel has acquired Century Travel, an Atlanta-based Virtuoso member with $54 million in annual sales.

“We have long admired the talent and the expertise at Century Travel and know how highly regarded their executive team is,” said Mike Dawson, newly appointed Chairman of Worldview Travel, which is headquartered in Toronto.

“We are delighted to welcome them to our burgeoning Worldview Travel family and are committed to continued growth, amplified support of our preferred relationships and exciting times ahead.” Dawson added.

“Century Travel is comprised of an amazing group of talented travel advisors specializing in corporate and high end leisure travel,” said Gene Lashley, who founded Century Travel in 1985. It now boasts over 70 associates.

“The executive team (consisting of Belinda Crews, Gene Lashley and Peter Lloyd) see our new association with the Worldview Travel Company as a great assimilation of minds and talents,” Lashley said, adding that the executive team “will continue our full involvement and run the day to day operations at Century Travel.”

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