Tours Chanteclerc Targets ROC With 1st English Brochure

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Frend Heinrich

After 46 years as a Montreal-based tour operator targeting the French-speaking market, Tours Chanteclerc has issued its first brochure in English, titled Tahiti & Her Islands.

The brochure offers a wide range of product in the region, including various hotel and island combinations, wedding and honeymoon packages and a range of excursions.

Tours Chanteclerc has also added staff. Evelyn Cassis, well known for her Tahiti expertise and as owner of Voyages Cassis for 26 years, now brings her vast experience to Tours Chanteclerc. She can be reached at

And to ensure a presence in the English-speaking market, Tours Chanteclerc has added 40-year industry veteran and French Polynesia expert Fred Heinrich. Heinrich will work with agencies in Ontario and the Maritimes and can be reached at

To order brochures in English, you can email or call 1-800-361-8415.

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