Amex GBT Study Reveals Top Destinations For CDN Biz Travellers

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The top out of country destinations for Canadian business travellers are NYC and LON, home to numerous company headquarters, conferences and conventions. 

That not surprising information comes from booking details of outgoing travel from American Express Global Business Travel’s Canadian customers between July 2015 and June 2016. The data broke out the top domestic, U.S. and international destinations for CDN biz travellers.

Not surprisingly, YTO continues to lead as the top destination for travel within Canada. While many other locations on the domestic list maintained their positions from previous studies, a significant drop in business travel to Alberta was noticed. YYC, YEG and YMM, while still on the top 10 list, had much less activity with data indicating a steep decline of 56.4% for Fort McMurray.

There were some surprises in the numbers, including the addition of HKG as the 4th most travelled to international destination. Hong Kong, which did not make the top 10 list the year previous, boasts one of the largest Canadian communities abroad, a factor which Amex GBT says may contribute to the increase in business travel.

In addition to unveiling the top destinations, the data revealed how Canadian biz travellers making their bookings. Results showed a significant increase in the number of bookings made online vs. phone with 59.5% of employees choosing to book their biz travel online this year, a 19.5% increase over last year.

Just over 80% of travellers who booked online required no support from a travel counsellor, which GBT says is an indication that biz travellers are becoming more comfortable and confident managing travel online.  

“The data shows that many Canadian business travellers are going further than ever, a clear indication of the enduring value of business travel,” said Jacinthe Ladouceur, Vice President & General Manager of American Express Global Business Travel Canada. 

As the most populous city in Canada, YTO remains the #1 destination for Canadian biz travellers domestically. YYC dropped into 3rd position, replaced by YUL in the #2 spot. YVR claimed the 4th position.

European cities continue to lead the international business destinations for Canadians, with LON, PAAR and AMS leading the way.

NYC, CHI, EWR, BOS and SFO maintained their position as the top 5 destinations for North American business travel. HOU, previously the 6th most visited destination, did not make the list this year.

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