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CL-R:  Steve McGillivray, John Lovell, Christine James, Roger Block, Jose Ferreira

Say goodbye to, and hello to Travel Leaders Network - the new name for the company comprising on-line educational resource Results! Travel, retail consortium and franchise Travel Leaders Associates.


According to Travel Leaders Group, the merged network will have nearly 7,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada, more than $17 billion in annual sales volume and more than 35,000 travel agents. The 7,000 locations represent roughly 33% of all agency locations in the U.S. and Canada. 

Reports suggest that the massive agent group will represent more than 50% of bookings for some suppliers, giving the combined network significant leverage.

According to John Lovell, President of Travel Leaders Network and Leisure Group, the merger is a sensible solution to take advantage of synergies and even dissolve some internal competition between the 2 retail groups.

“Retailer members, including those in Canada, will continue to operate under their own name, with ‘a TL Network Member’ added if they wish,” Lovell told Open Jaw. “The and Results! Travel brands will both be ‘sunsetted’ on December 31st this year.”

There will be tangible benefits to suppliers, Vice President Christine James added. “They’ll now have one marketing plan, one conference to attend, one point of contact.”

While there will be few changes for Canadian members, who now number 711 - up 31 so far this year  - there will be increased opportunities for training and certifications under the former Results! Travel education arm.  


Members will also benefit from more corporate travel programs which in the past applied only to franchise arm Travel Leaders.  There are no plans to bring the franchised agency model to Canada.

And members will still enjoy the benefits of the corporate program to recruit and retain younger agents. “The VYP – Young Professionals -- initiative has exceeded everyone’s expectations across North America,” Lovell told Open Jaw.


“We were the 1st to offer such a program, and at our conference it’s amazing to look across the room and see those young faces, new lifeblood.”


The 2nd annual Young Professionals events in Toronto and Vancouver will take place in October this year.



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