Vanderlubbe On The Importance Of ON’s Travel Industry Act Review

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The latest edition of TICO Talk from the Travel Industry Council of Ontario focuses on the upcoming comprehensive review of Ontario’s Travel Industry Act and Regulation.

The Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services announced in June that it would oversee a cover-to-cover review. The goals are to update and modernize consumer protection legislation, strengthen protection for consumers buying travel services in Ontario and reduce the burden on business.

As TICO puts it: “The review is badly needed, since the marketplace has evolved massively, including the way consumers buy, since the Act was 1st written in 1975 – despite modifications in both 1997 and 2002. Considering how much change has taken place, the legislation, as it now stands, can be a challenge for businesses offering travel services in Ontario today.”

A long-time member of the TICO Board of Directors is Richard Vanderlubbe, who is also President of In an article in TICO Talk, he says registrants need to “look at the past to understand why revamping today’s legislation is so imperative.”

Vanderlubbe adds that because current legislation is largely modelled on the 1970s travel landscape, “there are many issues relating to today’s world of travel that are not clearly or specifically defined in the legislation.”

He says that even since the most recent modification of the Act in 2002, “the travel industry has practically evolved into a different industry.”

Vanderlubbe has lots more to say, on why legislative changes are needed, the challenges of the review and the importance of input from all stakeholders. You can read the full story here.

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