Sunquest Includes Surcharges In Commissionable Package Pricing

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TravelBrands Executive Vice President Bryan Klompas revealed Sunquest's new pricing model which is effective immediately. The changes will result in higher commissions for travel agents. Sunquest will no longer be including non-commissionable surcharges in the total taxes of its packages. Saying that travel agents are working harder than ever, Klompas stated that the changes would result in approximately $40 additional commission per booking. 

Under the new pricing model, the fees will now be included in the base price of the package and will be fully commissionable.

The only non-commissionable portion will be the taxes and fees charged by end-suppliers such as airlines.

“We know this is a high priority item for our valued travel agency partners. We have listened to them and have made these changes accordingly.” said Frank Demarinis, CEO of TravelBrands. “We estimate that under the new pricing model, travel agents will see a commission increase of about $40 per booking for a double.”

Sunquest has prepared a detailed FAQ explaining the new pricing structure, which can be found here:

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