WTTC: “Insurance Is Vital" To Rebuild Traveller Confidence


The WTTC has unveiled new insurance guidelines to rebuild global consumer confidence and encourage the return of travelling. “Insurance is vital for travellers to have peace of mind and confidence to travel and it is now more important than ever to create confidence for consumers travelling in the ‘new normal’ of Covid-19," said Gloria Guevara, WTTC president.



Dave Heron - July 29, 2020 @ 12:32 Canadian consumers continue to express their disappointment in the way insurance companies continue to opt out of paying claims for cancelled trips during the past number of months. Leaning on policy wording that entertains claims for "non refundable" penalties, consumers and insurers are poles apart in their perception that a voucher = a refund therefore no claim is payable. A promissory note from an airline/tour operator who may or may not be in a position to restart a given program has, in the eyes of many folks who purchased coverage in good faith, nowhere near the same definition as a refund. As such - there is currently very little confidence out there that insurance has anywhere near the same value as it was once though to have and THAT is going to be a major stumbling block for many in our efforts to move forward.

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