Video: WestJet’s COO Jeff Martin On What’s Around The Corner AviationWeek
WestJet Warns COVID-19 Rules Shift Airline Share To Foreign Carriers CentreForAviation
Opposition Parties Demand Pax Refunds As Condition Of Airline Bailout; Regional Carriers Reject Partial Privatization CanadianPress
Etihad Airways Makes Historic Commercial Passenger Flight From Abu Dhabi to Israel Travel+Leisure
'Bad Math': Scientist Challenges IATA's Covid Safety Claim Reuters
Copa Airlines Resumes Service Between YYZ-PTY Open JawOJ
New Boss At Air Canada Was Longtime ‘Wingman’ For Outgoing CEO TorontoStar
Flybe, Which Was Largest Regional Carrier In EU, Could Be Back Next Year BBC
WestJet's Retreat From Atlantic Canada Pushes The Federal Government Into A Corner CBCNews
Fewer WS Flights To Atlantic Canada Could Lead To Higher Airfares & Delayed Economic Recovery HalifaxToday
Boeing Max Judged Safe To Fly By Europe’s Aviation Regulator Bloomberg
Atlantic Premiers Calling For Urgent Gov't Action In Response To Reduced WestJet Services VOCM
U.S. DOD Study Finds Little Risk Of Covid Spread On Planes TravelWeekly
COVID Shifts In Travel Operations May Become Permanent: Airlines For America FlightGlobal
Emirates To Introduce Premium Economy Cabin Class SimpleFlying
Boeing’s Third-Quarter Deliveries Fall as Airlines Trim Fleets AirlineWeekly
WestJet: 100 Jobs; 100 Atlantic Canada & Quebec City Flights Axed Open JawOJ
Air Canada Reopens YYC Maple Leaf Lounge Featuring Biosafety & Local Cuisine Open JawOJ
In-Flight Covid Transmission “Extraordinarily Low”, Finds Independent Analysis AircraftInteriorsInternational
Porter Airlines Service Suspension Extended To December Open JawOJ
COVID Drives Transat Price Down; Concludes Merger With Air Canada At Drastically Lower Price Open JawOJ
Opinion: How Air Canada’s CEO Used A Hardball Strategy To Land Transat Deal At Bargain Price GlobeAndMail
Gaining Momentum: Scientists Join Travel Industry To Urge for Rapid Testing As A Way Forward CBC
Air India To Fly To YYZ And YVR Staring 25OCT SimpleFlying
Italy Prepares For A New Flag Carrier To Succeed Alitalia Aviation24
With Stimulus Talks Appearing Dead, Discussions For A Stand-Alone Airline Bill Are Renewed NewYorkTimes
Boeing Drops 10-Year Global Delivery Forecast By 11%, Citing Pandemic AviationWeek
Air Canada Pushes To Drop Mandatory Quarantine As 99% Of Study Participants Test Negative CTVNews
Ontario's Backlog In COVID-19 Testing Making Some Int'l Travellers Miss Their Flights CBCNews
IATA: Airlines Are Burning Through $300,000 Per Minute SimpleFlying
Trump Ends Covid-19 Relief Package Discussions Until After Election, Then Reverses Course And Pushes For Airlines Funds CNBC
Next 10 Years Could Be A Lost Decade, Boeing Forecast Suggests AirlineWeekly
Canada Evaluating Training Requirements For 737 Max SkiesMag
Video: Rapid Testing Just One Part Of Covid Defense Strategy, Says AC's Chief Medical Officer Bloomberg
Airbus Develops Zero-Emission Concept Planes, But Experts Doubt Idea Will Fly TravelWeekly
Emirates Launches NDC Gateway For Agencies BusinessTravelNewsEurope
U.S. House Speaker Pelosi Calls On Airlines To Delay Furloughs As Congress Weighs More Aid AirlineWeekly
Serbia - Canada In “Advanced Discussions” Over Flights ExYuAviation
Lawsuit Over Refunds In Canada Can Continue Court Rules SimpleFlying
Mediation Possible, Says NAV Canada, After WestJet Appeals Increased Rates Open JawOJ
Good News For Frequent Air Canada Pax: Airline Enhances eUpgrades Ahead Of Aeroplan Relaunch Open JawOJ
Listen: Airline Industry Bracing For More Turbulence, Says RBC Analyst RBC
South African Airways Suspends Operations Amid Huge Debt AssociatedPress
Union Leaders Urge Gov't To Extend $7B Lifeline To Aviation Sector Open JawOJ
Air Canada Orders 25,000 COVID-19 Rapid Tests For Its Employees Open JawOJ
50,000 U.S. Airline Workers Face Job Cuts After Congress Fails To Reach Deal CNN
'I Like What I See': FAA Chief Flies 737 Max, But Not Ready To Recertify Plane NPR
Etihad To Include Cost Of Covid-19 Test In Ticket Price For Flights From AUH TheNational
CBSA: Air Travel Rebound Is Not Yet On The Radar As Pax Numbers Remain Deflated CanadianPress
IATA Downgrades Global Airline Traffic Forecast After Dismal Summer HotelNewsResource

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