Taking A Walk On India’s Wild Side

with Nina Slawek

Dallyce Macas, Eminence Canada Tourism, representing JungleSutra in Canada
Varun Narain Mathur, JungleSutra

When I think of India, I tend to think of historic palaces such as the Taj Mahal. Or, the Hindu mystical practices popularized by the movie Eat, Pray, Love.

But a recent luncheon in Toronto introduced me to another side of India – that of jungle trekking and a rich wildlife teeming with large cats, primates and birds in numbers to rival those found on Africa’s savannahs.

The Indian subcontinent as a wildlife destination is the story Indian journeys operator JungleSutra wants to share with your clients.

According to Varun Narian Mathur, ‘Head of the Jungle,’ his family-run business is passionate about inspiring and educating visitors on all aspects of India’s abundant animal kingdom. There are 15 different types of wildcats – the highest diversity in the world; 48 tiger reserves; 17 different species of primates; 4 types of bears; 1,250 species of birds; deer, bison, antelope and untold numbers of Varun’s favourite life form -- bugs.

In listening to Varun, it is clear that his knowledge and enthusiasm is genuine and translates into phenomenal experiences for travellers. Guides are handpicked to match the interests of the visitor, be it historical, entomological, artistic or culinary. Accommodations are in beautiful camps and tree-top lodges.

As far as safety and reliability is concerned, JungleSutra joined forces with Creative Travel, India’s largest private owned Destination Management Company, ensuring it can offer the logistics and infrastructure of a major operator.

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