In The Bosom Of Australian Hospitality

with Nina Slawek

Thumbs up for Aussie Specialist program: Cari Marotta, VoX, Kelly Schmitt, Spoiled Agent and Paul Larcher, VoX

From the VoX team: Vesa Boyd, Cari Marotta and Gerlinde Perera

Explaining the finer points of wine tasting:

Stephanie Bishop, Globus family of brands and Craig Canvin, TravelEdge

Our commonwealth brothers and sisters were recently in Toronto proving once again that there’s nothing like Australia. And apparently Canadians are discovering that in droves.

Of the 8.5 million international visitors Australia welcomed in the year ending June 2017, Canada ranks in 13th position with just under 164,000 arrivals. That’s a 14% increase over 2016. Considering it’s on the other side of the planet, those numbers areimpressive. It can’t just be the stubbies and barbies.

An Australian wine sommelier gave me ample reason to plan a trip down under. Although most were mixed varietals, the description being ‘more than a typical wine’ held true for each of the reds, whites and bubblies (described as being made in the “Methode Tasmanoise”) we tasted.

Another key factor having an impact on arrivals is, as always, the lift. AC kicks off seasonal Melbourne service 1DEC, and has already announced that the route will go year- round – with Dreamliner service – beginning in JUN. AC already flies to both Brisbane and Sydney. Qantas and Air New Zealand also offer flights from Vancouver to Australia.

And, finally, there’s global ambassador and native Aussie, Chris Hemsworth. That alone should have half the under-40 female population in Canada racing for a seat.

I may be a titch past 40, but I’m in!

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