Skytrax Slam-Dunk For AC

with Martha Chapman

AC’s Jacqueline Harkness and Andrew Yiu

Service Director Marie-Elyse Nantel, Safety Manager-Infligiht Roopi Siingh, In-Flight Coordinator Lillian Mazzatenta and Flight Attendant Amandeep Seahra – all very proud AC employees

Nothing says “celebration” like cupcakes!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Air Canada staffers were bursting with pride when Andrew Yiu, Vice-President/Product appeared in the International Arrivals Hall at Pearson Airport in Toronto on Wednesday afternoon. They were pleased to see Andrew of course, but they were even more excited to see the award he was carrying, by hand, home from the Skytrax awards in London.

This year marks the seventh time in nine years that AC has been voted by 20 million global travellers as the Best Airline in North America. 

The airline had arranged a mini-celebration in the arrivals hall with complimentary juice and coffee as well as fruit and cupcakes, all appreciated by the sometimes bedraggled “regular” passengers off the international flights.

“I’m so proud I could cry!” Jacqueline Harkness, Director of Sponsorships told me. And no wonder: there’s no lack of competition for top airline in North America and clearly every one of AC’s 30,000 employees is proud to have been chosen #1.

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