Swiss Tourist Board Promotes Once-A-Generation Wine Event

with Karen Dahdah

Francois Margot, President of Fête des Vignerons & Pascal Prinz, Director Canada. Switzerland Tourism.

Traditionally, Canadians think of Switzerland as the land of watches, skiing and chocolate. The alpine nation would like us to add wine to the list.

On 3DEC,  a culinary and wine “extravaganza” courtesy of Switzerland Tourism and the Lake Geneva and Matterhorn Region drew in 45 invited guests to the Distillery District of Toronto to sample the finest Cornalin red and Chasselas white wine from the region.  

Francois Michel, Vice President of the Lake Geneva Region addressed the guests by saying: "Bringing Swiss wine to Canada is not very easy, we had to twist a few arms, but we managed."

The Lake Geneva Region boasts the highest number of restaurants recognized by Gault Millau and Michelin, which makes it ideal for gastronomy tours, but wine tourism will be at the forefront in July 2019 as the countdown to the "Fête des Vignerons" -- Winegrowers Festival -- begins.

The event takes place only once every 25 years and is described by Francois Margot, President and Director of Fête des Vignerons, as "a huge cultural, emotional and unique festival in Switzerland and maybe the world." 

Honouring winegrowers since the 16th-century, the once-a-generation event is recognized by UNESCO on its list of “intangible cultural heritage.”

Organizers are anticipating 20,000 visitors per day to a newly built arena, where audiences can experience traditional music, dancing and costumes over a three-week period from 18JUL-11AUG, 2019.  

Also on tap for the region is the third edition of the Youth Olympic Games in JAN 2020, where the city of Lausanne will play host to over 1800 athletes from 70 nations. 

Karen Dahdah

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