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Vision Travel's Sylvia Kortan spoke shared her incredible Quark experience with the guests.

Imagine combining an expedition cruise to the Antarctic with a pre- or post-night in a unique rustic lodge in Patagonia? How about a first class 28-day around-the-world itinerary on a private jumbo jet? Or a yacht charter for your client and seven of their closest friends to tour the Seychelles?

Luxury, unique, custom and up-market were some of the words used to describe four experiential travel brands at Wednesday night’s industry event, hosted by Quark Expeditions.

Select agents were invited to the Boulevard Club in Toronto to hear from TCS World Travel, The Moorings, Explora and finally Quark Expeditions.

TCS World Travel
TCS is a Seattle-based luxury tour operator operating for over 25 years and partnered with Four Seasons Private Jet and others to curate luxury itineraries for discerning tastes.

“We specialize in the hard-to-reach and difficult-to-connect destinations throughout the globe in the comfort of a private jet.” says Brook Galloway, Business Development Manager at TCS who kicked off the evening.

Galloway emphasized the hassle-free travel experience when you board one of their private jets. A Boeing 757 which normally seats 239 passengers has been converted to 52 lie-flat beds for ultimate comfort. 

The average itinerary is between 2-3 weeks, around the world or exploring one continent at a time. The all-inclusive experience includes an onboard chef curating menus inspired by local cuisine, an onboard physician, luggage handler and, if that wasn't enough, a currency exchange.

The Moorings
Chartering a yacht might be on someone’s bucket list, or may seem ‘too rich’ for most people, but as Captain Greg Marlo explains, the experience can be quite affordable.

With a full spectrum of boats in its fleet, agents can offer sailboats or power catamarans for an average US$999 pp/week if they skipper their own vessel. A full crew yacht experience including a captain and private chef goes for between US$2500 and $3500 pp/week.

The Moorings is offering an agent incentive -- for every boat charter itinerary you sell, you will be qualified to enter a chance to experience a 7-day British Virgin Islands tour on a private yacht with Captain Marlo at the helm.

Explora is an up-market exploration company specializing in off-the-beaten path itineraries in South America, including the Sacred Valley in Peru, Patagonia and Easter Island. It owns and operates hotels and lodges in its areas of focus.

If your client are seeking an immersive overland adventure, Explora’s Traversia itineraries include lodges and luxury camps for 8-10 nights and a maximum 6 guests. Family rates are available as well with savings of 50% on children ages 12-17. 

Explora is offering a ‘book 3 nights, pay for 2’ or ‘book 5 nights, pay for 3’ promotion on last-minute bookings beginning 12NOV to 21DEC. 

For more information click here.

Quark Expeditions
When you think expeditions, think small ship. Quark Expeditions is among the leaders of polar cruising to the Arctic and Antarctica, offering unforgettable experiences on and off the ship.
As specialists in polar regions, Quark offers a variety of off-ship experiences such as wildlife excursions by zodiac, hiking, snowshoeing and even the dreaded polar plunge.

On board its diverse fleet, clients will always find a knowledgeable crew member or expert in geology, glaciology and even penguinology! Educational programs are offered on board, along with luxury dining and relaxing spa activities.

Quark’s newest ship the Ultramarine is currently being built in Croatia and will be ready by 2021. It will accommodate 199 guests, feature two helicopters for included aerial excursions and four zodiac disembarkation platforms.

For more information, please visit the Quark Learn-o-matic at and stay tuned for an upcoming Virtual Presentation.

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