Watch Out: Globus Has Marked Its Territory In South America

with Jovana Arnaut

Kim Vincent, Product & Business Development Manager South/Central America & Hawaii, Globus family of brands

the Globus team: Kim Vincent; Patrice Geske, Marketing Manager and Kathryn Hennessy, Marketing Coordinator

Estuary Suite on board the Amazon Discovery

When I think of South America specialists, I don't think of Globus. And that's not an insult because during last week's product briefing inside the company's Toronto office, Kim Vincent, Product & Business Development Manager, South/Central America & Hawaii said something similar.

“People often think of Europe when they hear 'Globus.' But the next big destination for us is South America," she said. “We're focusing on becoming specialists there because we can bring something to the table that would be hard to replicate if you were to do it on your own [or through another tour operator]."

For 2015, the company is highlighting South America across all of its brands: Globus, Monograms, Cosmos and Avalon. They have added a 13 day Patagonia itinerary to the Globus brand and Monograms has included Ecuador Discovery and Argentina Highlights itineraries. Their new Cosmos product through Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Chile are sold out already!

For 2016, Monograms will be be offering packages to Colombia, and the Globus and Cosmos brands will include Uruguay. Further for 2016, its Avalon division will charter a new ship Amazon Discovery which will include 22 cabins accommodating 44 pax. The itinerary will include a 3night cruise through the Peruvian Amazon along with land portions featuring Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Lima and Cusco.

They are also serving up 1st class accommodations for all of their packages. This is because, according to Vincent, South America is considered budget friendly and the CAD goes a lot further down there allowing the company to up the ante on its offerings.

“Tourism to these regions has actually increased threefold in the past year," she said. “It is also the fastest growing destination for Globus."

“It seems like a lot of people have the misconception that South America is an unsafe destination but it is actually very safe," Vincent added. Her word seems legit; she's been to the continent nearly 70 times.

Vincent has also announced that product pricing for Globus' 2016 products will stay on par with 2015.

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