PATA Canada Is Back!

with Anne Fairlie

The PATA Canada board: Barb Dirnberger, Executive Director; Doug Vogl, Membership; Sandra Ngoh-Fonseka, Programs; Rocky Lo, President; Judi Pim, Treasurer

Jade Tours' Norman Lee with Discover The World's Joanne Lundy

A well-attended re-launch of PATA Canada was held April 22 nd in Markham for the revival of the Canadian branch of this worldwide organization.

PATA International was founded in 1951 and has endured and grown in value because of its networking opportunities. Even more so these days with the world's instant connectivity, PATA is the best conduit for the travel trade in the Pacific area to grow their business. PATA's mandate is to act as a catalyst for the responsible development of travel to, within and from this region. In addition PATA members strive to enhance the sustainable growth, value and quality of travel and tourism to, from and within the Asia/Pacific region.

As a facet of this promise to their members, PATA aims to enhance opportunities for local communities at all levels in order to share the benefits of tourism amongst all stakeholders and to be an effective method for engaging the tourism workforce in local and global tourism related issues beyond the every-day tasks of employment. As one of the essential elements of PATA Next Gen, Human Capital Development serves as a linkage between academia to industry for students and young professionals.

Rocky Lo of Air Canada is the new Canadian chapter President. He reminded the audience that membership provides access to all 43 chapters' members over the world. So if you are looking for a car rental company in Chiang Mai or a hiking company in Chile or a horseback riding company in the Rockies or a company specialising in hutong tours in Beijing – the door is open. The other major benefit of membership is access to the annual PATA Mart being held in September this year in Bangalore. Free airfare will be provided for retail agents.

Barbara Dirnberger, National Sales Manager at Discover the World is the new Executive Director of PATA Canada and proclaimed this to be a national chapter with trade shows coming up in various cities across the country. PATA Canada will also be utilizing technology to engage people from across the country in their meetings.

Another unique feature of their events is that people from all over Canada will be given access to an online feed so they can watch and hear all the speeches.

PATA Canada is on a membership drive. Membership for retail agents is free. Check out these links for more information.

Diane Molzan, Goway; Thomas George, Tour East; Shanaz Pithwala, Skylink; Bruce Hodge, Goway; Sidarth, Tourism India; Anil, Tourism India and Shirley Rourke and Aubrey Schmidt, Goway

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