The Magic Of Disney Cruising

with Ming Tappin

Disney Wonder at Canada Place with our tour host Tracy Poole - District Sales Manager for The Walt Disney Company, and a Cast Member of the Disney Wonder.

A few of the travel agents on tour - for many it was their first Disney ship experience.

The Disney Wonder docked on a sunny Monday at Canada Place.

The Disney Wonder is in Vancouver this summer with weekly sailings to Alaska and I had the opportunity to tour the ship recently along with a group of local travel agents.

Before we boarded, 2 very adorable but seriously working bomb and drug dogs sniffed everyone's purses and bags to ensure no prohibited items are brought onboard. I have never seen any other cruise line do this. Kudos to Disney for taking security up a notch.

The Wonder is a sleek ship with a classic black hull, its exterior adorned with red, yellow and white - Mickey's colours. The interior is also decorated in very cool early Micky Mouse cartoon era art deco style.

While the travel agents I spoke with unanimously agree that the majority of their clients are families, there is also a substantial percentage of clients who sail without kids.

Nancy Hughes of Expedia CruiseShipCenters has a senior couple who enjoy Disney cruises. Their 1st experience was on a family vacation but they were so impressed with the facilities offered for adults that they chose to sail again just by themselves.

Eric Van Meter of Uniglobe One Travel comments that everyone is a kid at heart. When he sells Disney cruises to adult clients, he asks them to remember their 1st childhood visit to a Disney park, and reminds them how a Disney cruise can re-ignite the desire to have fun, something we can tend to forget as we get older. A very good tactic indeed. 

A surprising number of clients are also 1st time cruisers. Disney is a household name for land vacations - I'm so glad to hear from agents that 1st timers are confident in choosing Disney for their 1st vacation at sea.

Another staggering statistic - over 50% of Disney cruise bookings involve 3 or more cabins travelling together. There is obviously terrific potential for travel agents to focus on!

Bottom line - Disney figured out the formula 60 years ago and now the same magical experience is available at sea. Book your clients - families, couples or singles - on a Disney cruise and it will not disappoint.

Stay tuned for more coverage on Disney Cruise Line in an upcoming Open Jaw Cruise Splash article.


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