SpongeBob To Star At Karisma

With Martha Chapman

Alex Portman of Karisma

Mireille Moutou, BDM Eastern Canada

Luis Solis and Manuel Zenteno of Karisma’s ground handler Lomas Tours

DR here I come! SpongeBob Squarepants

Karisma Resorts may be known for their gourmet inclusions, over-the-top accommodations (private infinity lap pools, anyone?) and romance concierges, but with their growing involvement in the family resort market, you’re going to see lots more of SpongeBob.

That’s the news that charismatic Alex Portman, National Senior Business Development Manager, told a group of some 85 travel agents at a Toronto area breakfast recently. The resort group has partnered with Nickelodeon and will open its first Nickelodeon resort outside the US next year. Staffed by SpongeBob, Dora, Ninja Turtles and other characters, the Dominican resort will also feature a water park.

This was just one of the many updates and re-caps that Alex offered the group.  Here are 10 more cool – and mouth-watering -  facts about Karisma Resorts’ brands El Dorado, Azul, Generations, and Hidden Beach Resort.

1) For clients who still associate all-inclusives with bland and boring buffets, rest assured: every resto at a Karisma Resort is a la carte.

2) The company will be the first in the Caribbean or Mexico to debut over-the-water suites at the El Dorado Maroma, to be added next year.

3) They excel in destination weddings with, among other offerings, roof-top weddings (“So that the curious guy in the electric-yellow Speedo won’t be seen in all the wedding pictures,” says Portman) and even on-site chapels.

4) Speaking of weddings, the company offers a rehearsal pre-trip for couples featuring site inspections and consultations.  Just US$399 (excluding air) – which is commissionable if they book the wedding!

5) The company has partnered with Jackson Family Wines and features 39 labels from California to New Zealand.  There are a whopping 15 house wines alone.

6) Generations Resort in the Riviera Maya has a hugely popular kids’ cooking school.

7) The group operates a 76,000 square foot greenhouse in the Riviera Maya, supplying those properties with the freshest of vegetables.  And guests are welcome to tour it! And kids love it, according to Portman.

8) In their family resorts, they provide strollers you can take offsite, Gerber baby food, bottle warmers, baby monitors and more.

9) For clients who love resorts where everything is included except clothing, you can recommend clothing-optional Hidden Beach Resort in the Riviera Maya:  home, says Portman, of the happiest barmen in the world.

10) Karisma offer an exceptional range of agent incentives, sales tools, special offers and more at www.karismatravelagents.com. Portman also suggests you point your clients to the company’s very active YouTube channel.

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