What's Big, Shiny, Teal Blue & Flies To LGW From 6 Cities?

with Suzanne Christie

WestJet's Richard Bartrem and Candice Li

TDC's Sandra Wesson thinks TravCorp CEO Jeff Element is very fetching in his teal fascinator.

WestJet invited industry guests to high tea simultaneously in 6 cities across Canada on Tuesday – what could that possibly mean?

We did have a few clues. We already knew they would take delivery of 4 new 767’s, and that LGW would be the aircraft’s 1st trans Atlantic destination. So when we arrived at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel to hear the news, it wasn’t surprising to find teal fascintors at each table along with teal tea pots and Union Jacks... But, what was left to reveal?

Only that effective 06MAY WestJet is launching non stop service from not 1, but 6 Canadian cities: YVR, YEG, YYC, YWG, YYZ and YYT (all opertated with 767’s with the exception of YYT which will operate 737’s). A total of 28 flights weekly – including daily from YYZ and YYT.

We were all invited to raise a cup of specially created teal toned tea to toast the new services. In Toronto, WestJet V.P. Richard Bartrem and CFO Candice Li along with a plethora of other WestJetter’s hosted the event and broke the news. 

“Canadians have been paying too much to fly to Europe for too long, and today, we’re offering non-stop flights at very low prices and we’re proud to once again lower airfares and make travel more affordable!”

And, yes... the multiple new routes weren’t the only surprise... one way fares with all taxes & fees included will range from $199 ex YYT to only $299 from the 3 western gateways... and even that’s not all! Connector fares from other WestJet gateways will only be $20. 

Yikes – who can afford to stay home?

WestJet has also begun promoting their Canada-bound LGW flights in the U.K.In a ridiculously funny video campaign, Dave The Dog thinks he's finally found a way to beat theairlines at their own game.

Poor Dave... turns out, all you have to do is be a regular WestJet passenger to game the system.

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