Quality Time with Partners & Advisors at TPI Summit

with Ming Tappin

The TPI Support Team: (L to R)Tim Morgan, VP, Sheila Lamirande, Associate Support Supervisor, Christine Winchester, National Director, Sales, and Linda Dinsmore, Regional Sales Manager Western Canada

Shauna Carter of AMA Waterways

Advisor Linda Lund catching up with Chad Kowalenko of Celebrity Cruises

Advisor Sophie Loerich with Royal Caribbean's Shane Buksh

Tim Morgan with Advisors Rob Houston & Carol MacKay, and Winston Chang of Sandals

The TPI Summit meeting series made a stop in Vancouver on its 9-city tour across Canada. The full day event, hosted by TPI's support team from Winnipeg and Vancouver, included supplier and industry updates, growth goals & plans, and a networking trade show - which Open Jaw attended.

The small group of just 18 Advisors meant the 12 preferred suppliers in the trade show had quality time with each of them. With a good mix of air, land, hotel, cruise and insurance providers, TPI's preferred suppliers were well-represented. 

I met Sophie Loehrich who is a brand new Advisor. She has just completed her training and is eager to serve a long list of friends and family who are already waiting in the wings with bookings. Her enthusiasm comes across loud and clear, and she is confident that TPI will lead her to success. 

Linda Lund, in her 9th year as an Advisor, credits her success to the supportive TPI team. Carol MacKay, an Advisor for 7 years, agrees these Summit meetings are invaluable networking and relationship building events. Even with available technology such as emails and virtual meetings, TPI continues to invest in face-to-face time to engage with its Advisors, which Carol feels is a clear message that they genuinely care.

TPI's VP Tim Morgan tells me that despite the low dollar and world issues, sales have actually increased, especially on the luxury product as well as high end cruises. With some brands, YTD sales have actually surpassed 2015 YE sales, which is great news. Being a member of Virtuoso has certainly helped TPI attain these goals.

Shauna Carter of AMA Waterways confirms that one of the ways to combat our low dollar is for advisors to recommend destinations where our dollar still holds higher value - such as SE Asia which is selling very well for AMA. Furthermore, many of these destinations are on clients' bucket lists and now is the opportune time to take advantage of the many value-added offers available in the marketplace.

Having over 800 Advisors across Canada, TPI is proud to be a Canadian host agency; and with their mission of working smarter not harder, TPI looks forward to another successful growth year in 2016. 

Ming Tappin is a cruise veteran with over 20 years’ experience in the industry and has sailed on 38 cruises and counting. Based in Vancouver, Ming is Owner of www.yourcruisecoach.com

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