Eat, Drink & Escape With Emerald Waterways

with Ming Tappin

John Lovell of Scenic & JoLee Shantz of Emerald Waterways.

A full audience listened to John's captivating presentation while preparing for wine tasting.

Ming with wine expert Matt Dempsey of Poets & Priests.

Emerald Waterways held a series of consumer events across Canada this month. For the Vancouver stop at the Four Season Hotel, 105 curious consumers and 9 travel agents were treated to a lovely evening of wine and cheese hosted by JoLee Shantz, Brand Manager for Emerald Waterways and John Lovell of sister river cruise company Scenic. 

Just over 2 years old, Emerald Waterways is not yet a household name when it comes to river cruising, but is quickly making inroads to becoming one. Sold as a 4 star product because it is not completely all-inclusive, Emerald is nevertheless a fine representation of a river cruise line, with a modern young fleet and comprehensive inclusions.

The presentation was peppered with Lovell's engaging humour, and plenty of video clips showing every aspect of Emerald Waterways cruising - from ships to cuisine to destinations -  the audience came away with a good understanding and hopefully some new business for Emerald with the generous booking incentives offered. 

The couples I sat with were all new to river cruising and expressed keen interest in trying Emerald. One couple who normally travels on coach tours to Europe, likes the idea of improved cuisine and the ability to see Europe in style and comfort. Sitting on the coaches can take its toll on one's back, therefore a river cruise would be a most welcome change. Another couple who has tried 2 ocean cruises were not impressed with the crowds and formalities, and would appreciate the more intimate size and casual life of river cruising.

Sitting at another table, Carol MacKay of TPI spoke to other consumers who all enjoyed the presentation and found it very informative. As a travel agent, she welcomed the opportunity to learn about the newest member of the river cruising family and is very happy to see that consumer interest in this cruise product is at an all time high.  

The highlight of the evening was a wine appreciation lecture by Matt Dempsey of Poets & Priests who walked us through the many complexities of winemaking and the proper techniques of wine tasting. We were treated to a Riesling from the Rheingau in Germany, and a Tempranillo from Cigales, Spain. As we smelled, swirled and sipped from our glasses, we were temporarily transported onto an Emerald Waterways cruise, as if attending an enrichment lecture onboard. Surely Emerald Waterways hopes that this little escape is incentive enough for all of us to sail onboard soon.

Ming Tappin is a cruise veteran with over 20 years’ experience in the industry and has sailed on 38 cruises and counting. Based in Vancouver, Ming is Owner of

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