The 25th Annual Crystal Cruises Sales Awards Gala

with Suzanne Christie

Crystal brought out all the big guns to engage in full-on Crystal Blue Persuasion for their top producing Travel Agents on a Symphony Med cruise recently. About 100 heavy hitters were invited as guests of Crystal’s President & CEO Edie Rodriguez to enjoy special performances, dining experiences and themed parties as well as schmooze with Crystal brass and hear about all the latest and ongoing Crystal developments. 

Rodriguez made it Crystal clear that she now fully expects their top producers to be monogamous since the line is expanding their offerings to include the full range of high end experiences whether that be deep water, river, expedition and yacht sailings or private jet itineraries including luxe land programs.

And, Rodriguez advised us all to stand by for further announcements of new developments in the pipeline.

l-r At the Oscar themed party in Sorrento with Tully Luxury Travel’s
Kit Neil; Jason Sarracini & Crystal’s top producing agent Gerri Grant 
(with Crystal Symphony anchored on The Bay of Naples in the background)

The Goddesses & Gladiators themed White Party

Some of our Crystal hosts at the Oscar themed party

l-r Crystal’s Peter Nowicki; Ensemble’s Chris Lackstrom;
Vision’s Stephanie Anevich; Open Jaw’s Suzanne Christie
& Crystal’s John O’Neill

Worldview Travel’s Michael Geske flanked by Patrice Geske &
Lauren Bacall at the Oscar themed party

Stephanie & Marsha Anevich walk the red carpet at the
Oscar themed party

Stephanie signs autographs on the red carpet

The terrace at the Oscar party setting overlooking the
Bay of Naples at Sorrento

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