Breathless In Toronto

with Nina Slawek

Breathless Dancers

Sunwing's Director of Sales, David Wright with Jen Jackson of Suite Trip Travel, TPI

Jan Lapointe & Orelbys Vigoa flanked by Breathless dancers

Remember that WooHoo! feeling you used to get at a really great party? When the music lifted you up and everyone was open and friendly? 

According to Breathless aficionados, that’s exactly the vibe guests experience at the resorts. Which is why the Breathless tag line and greeting phrase is “Welcome To The Party!”.

At a recent Toronto soiree, travel agents were given a taste of a Breathless Resorts & Spas party with world-renowned DJ Rhiannon spinning a great beat over drinks and dance performances.

According to Orelbys Vigoa, Eastern Canada BDM for AMResorts, Breathless delivers a hip social atmosphere for sophisticated singles.

He introduced the newest addition to the brand, Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa which officially opened on May 25th. The resort features 526 all suite accommodations divided among 3 areas: the xhale club section for those seeking an elevated experience; the energy centre for those looking to mix & mingle and the xcelerate Party Zone for those who never want the party to stop.

Since some of the imagery associated with the brand can seem a bit daring, I asked a few retailers their take on the party atmosphere.

Otniel Orlando Morales from Loyalty One just returned from Breathless in Punta Cana and said that he had an amazing time mainly because “you get a mixture of people from all over the world – all shapes and ages – but they all come with the right attitude to have fun.” Adding that “you can’t possibly be bored, there is something for everyone because the resort really delivers great service and entertainment.”

Jen Jackson, a top producer with TPI, found that she has to be a bit more selective with who she sends to Breathless. For her clients, the Secrets properties offer a better fit.

I have no doubt that Jan Lapointe, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing for Canada, doesn’t much worry about which property travel agents sell – as long as it’s AMResorts. In a brief chat, I asked Jan about the fallout of the CAD on sales this past winter. “With a lot of our inventory selling early in the season, we have not felt the impact. In fact, we had a very good winter. Going forward into 2017, we may start to see some tightening.

On that note, the party was beginning to get into full swing – so like a wise adult who knows she has to get up early, I took my leave.

Next time.

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