TDC Feels The Force

Nina Slawek

Joe Adamo,  aka Luke Adamo, addresses the delegates.

Uniworld’s VP Sales, Michelle Palma, is attacked by a storm trooper     

ACV’s Dianne Pedroso, Open Jaw’s Nina Slawek & Mary Santonato, Dir. Group Sales, Transat

A force awoke within me at approximately 6:45pm on Saturday evening. The spectacle of light sabres of all shapes and sizes, some retractable some displaying a light show any 1976 disco would have been proud of – is what greeted me at TDC’s regional conference wrap up gala in Toronto. One couldn’t help but be transported to another space and time.

A time when agents and suppliers get together to have fun, lift their spirits and enjoy a bit of a Jedi high.

TDC President, Joseph Adamo, commented on a difficult year and the conference being a great opportunity to recognize individual ‘heroes’ for outstanding sales. “Our theme, The Force Awakens was a perfect backdrop. While it was a tough year, many of our travel professionals were able to overcome the challenging market conditions and continue to excel. We take great pride in their accomplishments and were pleased to recognize them publicly.”

According to Susan Bowman, Vice President Marketing and Industry Relations, over 1000 Transat Distribution delegates in 3 regions joined together for the series of training conferences. 

Joe Adamo & Rita Polegri, Director, Operations and Member
Services, Ontario, TDC


Transat team in full force


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