Enjoying Some Sizzle With Allianz Global Assistance

with Suzanne Christie

TPI’s Carl Henderson & Natalia Weidner are treated to some sizzling churasco

Brazilian dancers & acrobatic performance

Open Jaw’s Suzanne Christie & Merit Loyalty Group’s Phil Sproul

Allianz was a major sponsor of Canada’s Paralympians in Rio and kept the celebration going with a Brazilian themed dinner for their business partners in the travel trade at Toronto’s Cobacabana last week. It was an opportunity to meet Allianz’s new CEO Phil Hibbert and enjoy a special evening with other Allianz executives and sales teams.

We were all treated to some very colourful and energetic dance and acrobatic performances as we enjoyed a multi-course dinner of sizzling Churasco as passadores offered a huge variety of grilled meats, fish, sausage and grilled pineapple throughout the evening.

Business formalities were kept to a bare minimum as guests were encouraged to simply enjoy themselves and network with colleagues and their Allianz contacts. Now... that’s a concept and you could see from looks on the faces of a number of guests that the lack of the heavy sales pitch came as a bit of a surprise.

Phil Hibbert did ask the guests at our table what they like or don’t like about dealing with Allianz. And most were glad to chime in noting the security, global nature and passion Allianz has for their business and clients, but I’m not sure he got the answer he expected from one significant producer. His response, “I book Allianz because Susan (Lawson) is so hot!” Everyone seemed to be in agreement and as long as the customer is happy, I guess it’s a good enough reason.

l-r TPI’s Rhonda LaFosse; Allianz’s Debbie Robinson; TPI’s
Johnny Ianonnou, Morris Chia & Natalia Weidner and Allianz’s
Peter Denison

Allianz CEO Phil Hibbert enjoying the interaction with Vision
Travel’s Lynda Sinclair & Allianz’s Susan Lawson

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