Getting to Know the Globus Family of Brands

with Ming Tappin

Allison Ramos & Peter Ouzounov of Globus Family of Brands played hosts to 3 training sessions in Vancouver.

The small group size was perfect for our lunch and learn session.

Peter highlighted many new itineraries for 2017, in addition to the traditional favourites.

(L to R)Resi Hoglander, Daina Gasner & Heather Stuart of Travel Masters enjoy lunch, as Ron Booiman from Travel With Ron looks on.

Peter Ouzounov & Allison Ramos hosted three small groups of agents over one day in Vancouver's New Westminster neighbourhood. The lunch and learn session I attended consisted of 20 agents. As the group enjoyed sandwiches and a glass of wine, Peter and Allison gave a detailed presentation on the benefits of traveling with Globus and what's new with the family  - which also includes Cosmos, Monograms, as well is Avalon River Cruises.

Being Swiss-based and with 88 years' experience, Globus has deep roots in the European tour market, but Peter and Allison remind us that, true to the company's name, Globus is indeed a worldwide tour provider, with trips in South America, Asia, Africa, and even in our own backyard here in Canada and in the United States. Many agents may not know that Globus offers a craft beer tour of Washington & Oregon states, a journey through charming towns along the Great Lakes, as well as an American music heritage tour from Nashville to New Orleans, which in 2017 will feature exclusive extras coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Elvis "leaving the building".

Tours like these appeal tremendously to Boomers, who are set to inherit $750B over the next decade, and 40% of them are single. According to Allison, this "Hippie Generation" - whose kids are now grown up - has the money to spend and is now ready to travel by themselves, or with their families. For those on a budget, Peter pointed out several tours offered by Cosmos with a price point of under $1,000, and a single share program is a great enticement for solo travellers. Avalon's river cruise program is also perfect for the affluent boomer looking for a higher end experience, and everyone can make good use of Monograms hotel stays as an add-on to any land or cruise vacation. 

I met Resi Hoglander of Travel Masters who attended the lunch session with 2 colleagues. Resi, who has hosted groups with all 3 Globus brands, tells me the service has been top notch, starting with the easy group booking procedures all the way to the last day of the trip. For this reason, she has a lot of repeat groups. In fact, Resi has just returned from Greece with Globus and is looking forward to cruising on the Mekong with Avalon next September. It was great to hear of such brand loyalty, and it goes to show that working with a trusted supplier is conducive to selling with ease and generating repeat business. 

While repeat business is bankable, in reality, many agents might have encountered a downturn this year due to our low dollar and fallout from previous events in Europe. One good tip Allison shared with the group is for agents to search their database for clients who skipped travel this year for whatever reason, then contact them about the wonderful programs for 2017. Agents should also take time to determine their goals for next year, whether it be increasing sales, developing a niche market, marketing to groups, or improving their knowledge. Whatever they choose, Globus has the tools to help them achieve their goals and grow their business in 2017 and beyond.

Ming Tappin is a cruise veteran with over 20 years’ experience in the industry and has sailed on 38 cruises and counting. Based in Vancouver, Ming is Owner of

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