Is The Supersonic Comeback For Real?
Have technological advances and economic benefits made commercial supersonic air travel more viable since the Concorde’s last flight in 2003, or are today's aerospace innovators just making a lot of sonic noise?

Robert Silk, Travel Weekly

What Travel Managers Really Should Focus On
TMs place a high priority on savings but, new research shows that old-school savings as the main indicator of a travel program's success is short-sighted.

Scott Gillespie, Business Travel News

Every Step You Take
The Carnival Ocean Medallion initiative is aimed at improving guest experiences. Even so, it's hard not to think about privacy issues when a new technologies’ functionality is introduced, in the words of a Carnival spokesperson, as "persistent."

Arnie Weissmann, Travel Weekly

Do Fliers Really Want ‘Basic Economy’ Fares?
Airlines claim pax are asking for stripped-down fares that don’t allow changes, refunds, upgrades, advance seat reservations – sometimes even carry-on. But consumers say they’ve never asked for such a thing, implicitly or explicitly.

Christopher Elliott, USAToday

Is Security A Growing Selling Point For Guided Vacations?
We never know what news we will wake up to each morning, whether there will be another attack somewhere or some other catastrophic event.

Michelle Baran, TravelWeekly

10 Ways Travelling Makes You A Better Person
The best life lessons are not learnt in a classroom but miles away from your comfort zone.

Theodore Koumelis, TravelDailyNews

Millennial Customers Will Dominate In 2017
The millennial generation is now the largest domestically and worldwide, outnumbering even the Baby Boom generation who gave them birth.

Micah Solomon, Forbes

An Insider’s Irreverent Guide To Travel In 2017
Most of us are ready to say a big Sayonara! to the hangover that 2016 has become.

Alan Young, Puzzle Partner

Travel Agent 2020
Despite all the negative forecasts, travel agents have proven to be more valuable than anyone ever expected. It is doubtful they will become obsolete, but it is obvious that their role will continue to change in future.

Greg Abbott, DataArt

The Trouble With Canadian Airport Privatization
There is an irony not lost on us where, as a former Crown Corporation Air Canada emerges as distinctly anti-privatization when it comes to Canadian airports. In our view, airport privatization is likely to further drive up high usage costs of Canadian airports and, with it, ultimately airfares.

By Calin Rovinescu, President & CEO Air Canada GlobeandMail

The Cult Of Airbnb
The 3 founders of Airbnb got a rock star reception at the recent Airbnb Open, where thousands of hosts gathered to eat vegan food and celebrate the disruptive achievements and future plans for the brand. The enthusiasm of attendees verged on the cultish.

Danny King, TravelWeekly

2017 Shaping Up As Good Year For Airlines & Travellers
The airline industry is enjoying a financial tailwind thanks to low oil prices and a bevy of add-on fees.

by Martha C. White, NBC

How Travel Agents Can Address Terror
We all fervently hope the New Year will not see any more terrorist incidents but if it does, the Globus Family of Brands is ready to advise agents on just how to talk with clients about terrorism.

Robin Amster, TravelPulse

Why I’ll Keep Paying Employees To Take Vacation
Three years ago, I gave U.S. Travel Association employees who took all of their vacation time a $500 bonus. I’m convinced it was one of the best ideas for increasing productivity and engagement we’ve ever had.

by Roger Dow, President & CEO, USTOA

Paris: A Sad Anniversary & A Celebration
After the Paris terrorist attacks, Virtuoso announced it would move its annual Chairman’s Event to that city in a show of support for the luxury group’s many French suppliers. The event was fully booked in 72 hours. While others were pulling out, Virtuoso decided to pull in.

Richard Turen, Travel Weekly

Will The U.S. Slam the Door On Travel To Cuba?
As U.S. carriers ramp up the number of daily flights to Cuba and consumer demand balloons, Trump has expressed discontent with Obama’s handling of relations but has yet to outline specific changes that may occur to the outgoing President’s policies. It’s the ambiguity that’s most troubling to those in the industry.

Christopher Murther, BostonGlobe

8 Big Travel Predictions For 2017
Topping the list - technology is fuelling a more demanding and impatient traveller expecting instant gratification.


Is Travel Broken Or Just Evolving?
People are travelling more than ever. But some worry that today’s travellers are more focused on selfies than experiences, more interested in sending posts and photos back home rather than meeting new people. A hostel owner uses the word ‘tragic’ to describe the impact of mobile devices on the travel circuit.

Johanna Jainchill, Travel Weekly

Is Bricks & Mortar Back?
“Everything old is new again.” Could that tired saying be true of the home-based travel agent business? It looks that way, as some agents are trading their virtual businesses for brick and mortar locations, in creative new iterations.

Robin Amster, TravelPulse

Why Airline Codesharing Must Die
Travellers are confused and have shared their tales of missed connections, lost luggage, dashed expectations and outright frustration. How, they ask, can an airline claim to operate a flight it has nothing to do with?

Christopher Elliott, Travelers United