Laid-Back Luxury at Velas Vallarta

Openjaw’s Western Correspondent, Vickie Sam Paget, is so laid-back as she reports on location from Velas Vallarta -- she’s almost horizontal.

Luxury... It can be a tricky word.

After all, one person’s concept of luxury is another’s concept of basic. One person’s idea of extravagance is another’s idea of modest. And one person’s perception of vacation heaven is another person’s perception of vacation hell.

Lynne White, regional sales manager for Western Canada, on location at Velas Vallarta.

And that’s why -- as we all know -- qualifying your client correctly is so vital.

Well, if I’ve been qualified correctly – and I believe I have – Velas Vallarta’s unobtrusive brand of laid-back luxury is just perfect for me.

In this travel writer’s humble experience, the problem with ‘luxury’ is that it can sometimes feel a little pushy, a little intrusive and a little fake. A little brash and, um, embarrassing, if I’m honest. For me, real luxury is a subtle thing. It’s about having the right people on resort working behind the scenes to make your experience as seamless as possible. It’s about intuitive staff able to quietly assess your next desire and deliver it with unpretentious flair.

One of the three pools to choose from at Velas Vallarta

No bells and whistles, no pomp and circumstance – just understated elegance. And that’s something I’m beginning to realize Velas Vallarta excels at.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been “welcomed home” to the resort by a smiling member of staff. Or a chair has been quietly pulled out from a dining table in order for me to take a seat. Or a bag-holder has miraculously appeared by my table on which to place my purse. Or how many times a fresh drink has materialized before my very eyes before I’ve even had a chance to ask for it.

Understated poolside luxury at Velas Vallarta.

This unpretentious flair is also reflected in the luxurious touches that resonate throughout the resort, like the out-of-this-world view of the Bay of Banderas from the outdoor hot tub of my three-bedroom oceanfront suite; the fragrant L’Occitane toiletries in the bathroom; the creative dishes dreamed up by the impressive guest chef at Andreas Restaurant; and the in-suite mini bar that’s jam-packed with snacks just perfect for a late-night nosh.

This is not in-your-face luxury. It’s more elegant than that. I’m not the kind of traveller who wants a member of staff to hand-feed me chocolate-covered strawberries while I sip on Champagne in a hot tub full of dollar bills. No thank you. What I crave on vacation is understated luxury delivered without fuss – and that’s exactly what I’m getting here at Velas Vallarta.

Peaceful pool time at Velas Vallarta.

So it really comes as no surprise to learn, when I meet up in resort with Lynne White, Velas Resorts’ regional sales manager for Western Canada, that she believes that Velas Vallarta is an “easy sell” for Canadian travel agents.

“I find it's an easy sell because it's definitely got all of the Velas Resorts standards -- right from the get-go,” she enthuses.

Jaw-dropping views of Banderas Bay from Velas Vallarta’s three-bedroom
oceanfront suite.

“The location is a strong point as well because it’s so close to the Marina. It’s just a 10-minute walk into Marina Vallarta, where your clients can see all the yachts and get their Starbucks’ fix. And there’s plenty of added value to offer at this resort too, like the two complimentary tours available for your clients. They simply sign up in destination.

“I just can't get across strongly enough that the service and quality that Velas Resorts have to offer is available across the board, whether you’re at a Grand Velas, Casa Velas or Velas Vallarta,” she added. “It’s all here regardless of what property you're staying at.”

Our writer visits Mismaloya on one of Velas Vallarta’s complimentary day tours.

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