Will Ottawa Ease Travel Restrictions?
Full Interview With Ferio Pugliese, Sr V.P. Government Relations 17.07.20

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marnie - July 25, 2020 @ 11:50
Absolute nonsense. Trudeau needs to get rid of the restrictions on the islands asap. They have no issues. 88.2% of the covid deaths in Canada were in nursing homes. To shut down the world over this is economic suicide.

Jeffrey Verman - July 20, 2020 @ 15:04
There isn't much sense in easing restrictions for visitors from other countries until such a time as Canadians can travel freely within Canada. All in the industry want restrictions eased, in the hope that we can reclaim our businesses. We all want to be less reliant on government support. But the rest of Canada can't even travel to the Maritime provinces yet.

Let's also remember that more than half of the tourists to Canada comes from the United States, and I don't think we are ready, at this time, to let them in just yet. Mexico and India will be amongst the top ten countries sending tourists here too - and we aren't ready to open our doors to them either, given their lesser success in battling the virus.

Eliminate all the countries that aren't doing as well as us eliminates in itself the vast majority of tourists here. And for the few countries that are doing as well or better- their tourism here will still be down at least 95%. People fear flying.

And worse - should we ease restrictions and new cases and clusters develop because of it; this could make things much worse for us in the long run.

We instead need to focus on the safety of the travel experience. Yes - there have been flights in recent weeks with passengers who went on to be tested as positive. But I believe there has not been a case of transmission on any of these flights - and that is certainly an important point!

We need to work with what we've got - limited access for leisure travel across parts of Canada. We also have to work with government so that we continue to get access to intelligent, focused, and increasingly agile financial support.

And lastly, we have to promote a healthy Canada which includes a vaccinated Canada. When the COVID-19 vaccines are available we must get vaccinated, along with all our regular vaccinations.

This means budgeting what little resources we have to last until then - and we are at least months away of a vaccine being readily available.

This is really the only path open to us - as much as I'd like it to be otherwise. I don't see these virus disappearing on its own, the way the current US President once suggested. This is our reality and we must consider ourselves fortunate that this virus - as contagious as it is, isn't as deadly or more damaging than it is.

The rules initially put in place were actually not restrictive enough. We needed to clamp down on visitors from other countries earlier. We needed to move to wearing masks earlier. With hindsight, we can all see this now. We didn't know it then and hoped we'd be over this quickly, like SARS.

I wish there were another way. I'd wager the impact on our industry has only just begun.

Rocky Racco - July 17, 2020 @ 20:31
Great interview and good to get an insider perspective from Ferio Pugliese I also agree that it’s time Canadians are rewarded for all we have done to reduce the spread and remove the 14 day quarantine for visitors from counties that have been equally responsible and diligent. Let’s all do our part to stay safe and let the government know we can make responsible choices.

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