Air Canada & The GTAA Introduce COVID-19 Testing In Partnership With McMaster Health Labs 03.09.20

Beginning today, international travellers arriving at YYZ Terminal 1 will be invited to take part in a new study spearheaded by Air Canada, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and McMaster HealthLabs (MLH).

The month-long research project – the largest of its kind -- will seek to examine the number and percentage of arriving international travellers who test positive for COVID-19 during the federal government's quarantine period, all in the hopes of providing alternatives to the current blanket restrictions and mandatory two-week quarantine.

MHL is a non-profit organization that develops COVID-19 research initiatives and testing solutions to accelerate business recovery during the pandemic.

"Our study will provide data to help determine if an airport-based COVID-19 surveillance program is feasible, whether self-collection of COVID-19 testing is effective, and to explore options regarding the 14-day quarantine for international travel," said John Gilmour, MHL's Chief Executive Officer.

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Jan - September 3, 2020 @ 11:28
Sounds like Air Canada is doing what the Ottawa should have been doing months ago, no?

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