Regent Seven Seas Explorer Seduces
An Ode To Beauty – In The Eye Of This Beholder

by Vanessa Lee

The prayer wheel 

The Deck 4 staircase leading to the Compass Rose main restaurant

Compass Rose Restaurant 

Versace China at Compass Rose 

Prime 7 

Deck 5 lounge area 

Regent Seven Seas Explorer

The prayer wheel outside Regent Seven Seas Explorer’s Pacific Rim restaurant is a fascinating treasure. “Because you were strong enough to live it, you were given this life.” That was the saying that truly resonated for me as I studied the stunning prayer wheel. As an art installation, it's just one example of the attention to detail, which is almost, but not quite, overwhelming on this remarkable ship.  It is also a true testament to the thought and care that has been given to ensuring the Explorer is not just the most luxurious ship ever built, but likely the most beautiful.

This is a ship that provides constant wow’s at practically every turn and the prayer wheel is but one unique example. It was made to order in Australia of cast bronze (yes, the floor had to be reinforced) and cost over $500K.

As one spends time walking and looking about, it becomes more and more evident how much time and effort, and attention to detail has been undertaken. Finishings of marble, stone and granite have been used extensively – more than 1/2 an acre of each! There is gold leaf, silver leaf, mother of pearl on columns, hand-blown and individual lighting pieces by the thousands. This ship is a floating art gallery, literally and figuratively speaking,  with colour, gorgeous fabrics, sexy drapes and tassels, mirrors, covered walls, silky, velvety cushions, and a myriad selection of chairs that are so tactile you can’t stop touching them.

All ships are female, but this one happens to be more of a siren than most. The Regent Seven Seas Explorer  is like a real woman – she is naturally sexy, curvaceous, dazzling and enticing.  She has seductive powers and will beckon you with her charms. She is an ode to beauty, a poem, a symphony and a glorious rich painting. She calls out for attention and for touch and for praise and indeed for worship in some areas... as a rare beauty should.

As I think back to other ships that have caused this much attention and have been so massively stunning, the only other one that comes to mind is Uniworld’s SS Catherine. That is also a gorgeous vessel. But this is likely the most expensive luxury ship ever built for her fortunate 750 guests who are literally going to be sailing in the lap of luxury and who, at every turn, will be pampered and spoiled.

Please look carefully at the images that accompany this article and digest the beauty and the symmetry and the intense passion and creativity that has conjured up this ravishing beauty. The height of some ceilings in the public spaces on Decks 4 and 5 and in the charming Compass Rose main restaurant (with its Versace chargers) and then the ceiling details in most of the other spaces – just to add more beauty wherever possible.

At times you think you’re in a London Gentlemen’s Club in St James’ as Prime 7 the Steakhouse is modelled after this and then you’re in Chartreuse, the inspiration for which was a rainy walk in Paris along a cobblestone street. Both are literally perfect – with menus to match. And both have the sexiest little bars for a pre-dinner aperitif. These were 2 of my favourite spots on board but I did also love Compass Rose which has the most amazing lights in it – on the sides they are starbursts in a glorious rich yellow and then in the middle of the room to make one think of water and waves is the most elaborate and impressive light in shades of blue. The lighting throughout the ship came primarily from 3 suppliers - from Italy, England and the Czech Republic respectively.

Frank Del Rio has been the driving force behind this ship and I must congratulate him and his talented team on this amazing success – truly a remarkable achievement. And it’s not just the £60,000 bed in the most expensive suite at sea (USD 10,000 a night and mostly sold out) or the piano worth $250,000 – it’s much more. It’s the innate desire to give the people who want it and can afford it, the most striking, seductive and exquisite ship at sea. And then to go one better – improve it and make it – as Frank says, a timeless classic and the pinnacle of all things luxury at sea”. And, in my opinion, on land as well.

I will write another article next time giving more detail on the brand, the plan for the ship, the potential guests to seek for her but this time I just wanted all of you to truly see and understand that this is a very special ship for a different reason. That she is unique in every beautiful way for all the style and taste she offers and  we should simply allow that beauty and magnificence to surround us and permeate our thinking and our seeing and just absorb every single magical moment that is the Regent Seven Seas Explorer.


Al fresco dining on Explorer’s La Veranda

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